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A one-page summary is posted as soon as any new numbers are released. Formatted for your desktop or smart phone, it is a quick and quotable reference -- so that you always have a concise and accurate overview of the economy. The Current Economic Digest reflects the overarching relationships in macroeconomics: the relationships among unemployment, growth, money supply, confidence, interest rates, and prices.         

Domestic and International Sources of Primary Macroeconomic Data.

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The partial federal government shutdown that occurred in late December and January resulted in delays and misstatements of some of the releases that are sources for the Current Economic Digest. GDP estimates for the 4th quarter of 2018 were significantly delayed. The Conference Board has alerted users that its estimates or LEI and Consumer Confidence may be affected. The alarming drop in new hires that got so much press may be an aberration from the shutdown. The economic numbers in the Digest and elsewhere are a compass for policy-makers at every level, public and private. It will now take many months for the numbers in economic releases to regain accuracy and consistency.