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After two years of Trump, there is enough experience to generalize about his economic policy. With almost every action Trump repudiates centuries of economic wisdom and orthodoxy. Whether this is purposeful or just incidental to his crazed, chaotic and brutish character is another question. Even so, the economy is doing pretty well. Maybe this is good luck. More likely, however, there is a reckoning over the horizon. And without the guidance of history or forethought, Trump is unprepared and ill equipped to respond. Thankfully, a monetary response to any economic shock is in the good hands of Fed Chair Jerome Powell. However, with President Trump a rational fiscal corrective, like the 2008 TARP, is dubious. In previous talking points, I have enumerated the potential risks for a downturn or shock. Currently not all economic indicators are positive, for example confidence and leading indicators. The period of growth we are enjoying has run its term. Global growth is slowing. We should be cautious.