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Mews Company works with government and non-government organizations and associations to develop contents, formats, and displays of macroeconomic information most useful to them. Custom Macroeconomic Digests are their talking points—the economic facts they discuss most often with staff and constituents.  

Like the Current Digest, Custom Digests are updated as soon as new data are released. Many clients operate in secure or competitive environments, so Custom Digests are proprietary and confidential.

The typical Custom Digest is a one-page, up-to-date compilation of macroeconomic numbers most critical to an embassy, agency, association, or policy-maker. The single-page format enables immediate viewing on laptops and smart phones.

Over time, views change with respect to which economic data and relationships are most relevant. Mews Company works with clients to make sure that the most important macroeconomic data are always at hand.